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Perak Community Specialist Hospital

Perak Community Specialist Hospital started off as Perak Chinese Maternity Hospital which was founded in 1904 and operated out of a bungalow house on Chamberlain Road (now Jalan C.M. Yusuf).

In 1923, the Perak Chinese Maternity Association was founded as a charity to manage the affairs of the Perak Chinese Maternity Hospital.

In 1938, the hospital moved into the current location which was a purpose built facility. (The Association had to transfer its hospital facilities to Chamberlain Road in 1942 due to the Japanese occupation of the hospital premises and thereafter by the British forces.) The premises were finally returned to the Association in 1949.

In 1968, the Shaw Building was added to the hospital. The hospital provided treatment free of cost till 1968 and thereafter at minimal charges.

In 2002, the hospital changed its name from Perak Chinese Maternity Hospital to Perak Community Specialist Hospital to reflect the nature of services provided. The hospital started as a maternity hospital but has now evolved into a multi-disciplinary specialist hospital.